If you are applying for a leadership position, try again next year! If you are a camper, contact us about applying for the waitlist.

Yes! While CampOUT! prioritizes and caters to the needs of queer, trans, and Two-Spirit youth, we value the solidarity of our allies. Our non LGBTQIA2S+ campers and leaders help us create strong communities that work towards equity and social change. We value all expressions of gender and sexuality and work to provide programs for youth across all spectrums of identity. "Straight" and "allied" campers in the past have valued their time at camp, learned a lot, had so much fun, and discovered how to be better allies and agents of change in their home communities.

"Gender inclusive" is a term that we use to be inclusive of all experiences of gender. Most youth events are organized by differentiating between "boys" and "girls", but as so many of our camper and leader experiences do not fit neatly into these two categories, we are organized by age groups rather than gender experience. Our bathrooms and cabins are gender inclusive. As privacy needs do not depend on your gender, all showers and toilet stalls are private and campers can set up change rooms in their cabins for additional privacy. Gender inclusivity offers an opportunity for youth to engage with one another person to person. At CampOUT! we offer an opportunity to develop mature, communicative, and respectful relationships with one another across all genders.

It is important to CampOUT! that our program is financially accessible and that everyone pays the same amount to be at camp regardless of their financial means. $25.00 is an amount that most youth can earn and contribute to show their commitment to attending camp. Our Volunteer Community Advisory Committee and UBC staff work very hard to raise the funds required to ensure the success of the camp through a donation program, funding from organizations, and a budget from UBC itself.

The steps for UBC to reimburse your travel costs are as follows:

  1. To be considered for a travel bursary, please send us an email before May 15th that outlines the following:
    • What are your total travel costs to get to either Horsehoe Bay, YVR, or UBC, and return home?
    • What are you able to financially contribute?
    • What other fundraising or payment avenues have you explored?
  2. We will reply after June 1st to inform you as to the percentage of your costs that CampOUT! will contribute toward your travel expenses.
  3. Once approved, download the CampOUT! Reimbursement Form: CampOUT! Travel Reimbursement Form.
  4. After camp, if we have received the completed form and all original hard copy receipts, UBC-CampOUT! will process forms and instruct UBC Finance to issue a cheque and mail it to your address. Submitted receipts must arrive no later than 10 days after camp. The UBC cheque can take up to two months to process.

We recognize that it can be tricky to book travel plans without cash or credit. Please connect with family, friends, and service agencies to see if they would be willing to book the travel and pay for it - we will email with them to confirm the travel reimbursement process and information. We are keen to help you connect with folks in your area that may be able to support you this way!

We will send you a registration form upon successful application that you'll need to fill out as well as the CampOUT! waivers/release forms at http://CampOUT!.ubc.ca/campers/waivers-releases/

You will need to print out, complete (with a parent or legal guardian if you are under the age of 19), and return by fax, mail, or email by May 2016.

Contact your local library or corner store if you don’t have access to a fax machine in your home, work, school, or parent’s workplace. You may also use a photocopier or scanner to scan the signed document to PDF and return it to us via email.

As you may have noticed, we will need parent/guardian permission for you to attend the 4 day camp if you are under 19 years of age and the forms in the registration package will require their signature. If you are not currently “out” to your parent/guardians about why this unique camp is perfect for you, we encourage you to check out P Flag’s websites http://www.pflagvancouver.com/ and https://pflagcanada.ca/ for resources for yourself, and your parents. We also encourage you to read through the following information at: http://www.pflagcanada.ca/pdfs/gay-myself.pdf about “coming out” to parents and what kinds of things to consider. This website has information that may be helpful to you as you think about whether or not it is the right time to talk to your folks about this.

If you are attending as one of our straight allies, this link: http://egale.ca/how-to-be-an-lgbtq-ally/ could be used as a resource for you and may be helpful if your friends/family need help in understanding how important allies are in building strong communities! Likewise, all campers can check out the above link to understand the importance of allies, and it may inspire you to begin the journey of becoming an ally!

In order for all participants to have access to the benefits of the camp, the four following ground rules are non-negotiable:

  • We are committed to being a physically and emotionally safe environment that is alcohol, drug, and sex free.
  • We will not tolerate disrespectful, harmful, or inappropriate behaviour.
  • All participants accept responsibility for taking care of my health and wellness by getting adequate sleep and nourishment
  • We will respect the facility and rules of our host camp.

Anyone who breaks these ground rules will be sent home immediately at their own expense. Please see the CampOUT! Community Agreement for a more inclusive list.

  • All of us will agree to respect themselves and fellow CampOUT! participants, leaders, staff, and volunteers.
  • All of us are required to be present for and commit to full participation in all camp programming as they are able.
  • All of us agree to limit use of communication devices to support community building at camp
  • All of us are responsible for taking care of personal health and wellness by getting adequate sleep and nourishment and seeking medical attention/assistance when appropriate.
  • Campers will agree to an 11 p.m. curfew. If you experience wakefullness, bring a flashlight so you may read without disturbing your cabin mates.
  • Campers taking any medication must inform the Camp Director and/or Camp Doctor/Nurse.