Community Mentor Applications

Thank you for your interest in offering leadership among the youth of CampOUT! If you are interested in making magic happen, and gaining insight and skills along the way, being a CampOUT! Volunteer may be for you! 

Community Mentors are queer, trans, Two-Spirit, and allied individuals who volunteer to offer and share their experiences and skills with campers. They will act as role models and mentors and contribute to a culture of learning and community building in the Leadership Team. We are looking for a diverse group of adults ages 19 and above to collaborate on camp program development. Please help us encourage a diverse group of adults to apply for this amazing volunteer leadership experience!

This volunteer position requires self-reflection and creativity in thinking about what strengths and skills you have to offer. How might those skills be used to offer camper programming and what role would be appropriate for you to play at camp? What are your skills? Lifeguarding, teaching yoga, being a grandparent, catalyzing joyful play, quiet observation and presence? Be creative in creating your role!

Please read the 2024 Volunteer Community Mentor Position Summary thoroughly before applying! You can get an idea about what goes on at camp from our past Program Guides! You’re welcome to preview the application form here to get a sense of it, but please fill out and submit the online form linked below.

Community Mentor applications include a workshop proposal. See more info and a template for workshop proposals on the Request for Proposals page.

Before filling out the application please review some of the following items:
Position Summary for 2024
• Definitions page
Sample Schedule and past Program Guides for an idea of daily camp life and programming
• Request for proposals

If you have any questions, contact us!

We are looking for Community Mentors to fill the following roles:
Indigenous Youth Mentors – 2 folks to focus on supporting Indigenous campers and Cabin leaders in collaboration with our Camp Elder and Camp Aunty. Involves creating opportunities for First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and Two-Spirit camp participants to connect with each other. Past workshop offerings include daily smudging and cedar brushing, workshops on sacred medicines, an Indigenous Affinity Group centered around sharing and healing, and porcupine quill beading.
Sexual Health Educators – our past sexual health educators have led workshops on HIV 101, Sexual Well-being, and led a Sexual Health Q&A for the whole camp.
Artsy Mentors – past roles have included “Artists in Residence,” who lead a specific series of art sessions, and “Art Room Creature” who created a welcoming and inspiring arts and crafts room for all participants by coordinating the set-up of our arts and crafts supplies and maintaining a cleanly and inspiring space, attending all free time arts and crafts sessions. Campers enjoy arts & writing sessions, as well as performance & theatre workshops.
Campy Mentors – past roles have included “[In]vironmental Engagement Coordinator,” which involved leading workshops on Parkour and Juggling. A “Camp Craft” volunteer taught about fire starting, traditional plant identification, and shelter building, Another past campy role was the “Fun Fun Fun Coordinator,” who led field games and campy activities in free time as well as coordinated mealtime announcements, campfire songs and programming, hikes, and helped out with the dance.
Community Development Mentors – past roles have included “Activist Princess,” which involved facilitating workshops on activism and writing for social change. We seek folks with creative facilitation skills and experience. 

Community Mentor applications for 2024 are now closed.

*Leadership applications include a video component, which you can learn more about here.