Request for Proposals

Background – All volunteers contribute to our strengths based programming! We invite volunteer applicants to submit workshop and activity proposals by March 15 so we can begin to plan the camp program. We encourage imaginative, critical and innovative workshop proposals that support and explore intersecting themes youth face in their home communities. Workshops typically fall into one of four program streams: Leadership & Allyship, Campy Arts, Wellness, and Outdoorsy/Land-based programming.

We invite workshops that promote learning in non-traditional and fun ways.  In other words….if your workshop idea could easily be done in a school or urban environment, please re-imagine a way of engaging with your content that could only be done in a space like CampOUT! In the past, successful workshops draw on creative facilitation, body movement, arts, collaboration, sound, use of space, and a combination of reflection and action oriented.

Programming Goals: We want to encourage youth to build on and share the strengths, relevant knowledge, and skills they bring to CampOUT! Our programs support participants to work together, engage in understanding one another across difference, challenge social norms, celebrate our many communities, and motivate social change. Campers are seeking learning and engagement opportunities that are different from what they can access at school. We invite you to propose workshops and activities that cater to many different styles of participation and will spark learning and engagement that can be continued beyond camp.

2019 CampOUT! Theme: Nch’ú7mut – A Squamish word meaning to be coming together as one, or to be one piece of something greater. Some of last year’s Indigenous leaders from CampOUT! have been working on a theme for  camp 2019. In consultation with Squamish Nation we have chosen the Squamish word Nch’ú7mut (pronounced “in-cho-mote”) as the theme, which roughly translates as to ‘be coming together as one’ or ‘unity’.  The idea behind this theme suggests that we need everyone to be part of our LGBTQ2+ community building. Everyone who shows up plays a key part in creating what happens and shapes how we are dreaming forward together. Every day we are creating connections with new people, and strengthening or maintaining the connections we already have. This can be with our friends, family, classmates, acquaintances, community members, and even complete strangers! But, are we thinking about how those connections are made? Or how we are impacted by our connections? How are we supported and challenged by our connections? How do we think about our lived experiences, our present, and the space and land that supports us when we are creating and strengthening these connections?

In bringing together queer, trans, two-spirit, and allied folks of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, there is opportunity for a diverse range of connections to be created. CampOUT! is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and learn about how we connect with other people through our similarities and our differences. As individuals coming from diverse communities, we will be working to create connections where everyone involved feels welcome and included! We will be working together to cultivate important connections, which we will be able to take back to our home communities to feel supported and be an agent of positive change!

Proposal: In your proposals, we encourage you to tap in to your pre-existing skills, leadership strengths, and passions. You could also try something you don’t often get to do! We encourage you to bring your unique perspectives and ideas – stretch if you see new opportunities to contribute, and feel free to reinvent existing workshops/activities in your own way!

It may be useful to look over last year’s program guide here: 2018 CampOUT! Program Guide to help you get a sense of our program goals and vision, and think how your ideas might align with our core programming areas (Leadership Skills, Arts & Performance, Health, Fun Campy and Community Building).

*Workshops will be 60-80 minute sessions that fall into one of the key program categories: Arts, Health and Sexuality, Community Building, Fun Campy and Leadership Skills.
*Activities will be 30 minute – 1.5 hour sessions that embody the spirit of traditional camping (yet perhaps have a ‘campy’ twist). These may take the form of arts and crafts activities, recreational games, nature walks, morning yoga, campfire singalong, stargazing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, or even a guided meditation!


Please create a clear proposal for our program selection committee using the template points below:

  1. Propose a title for your Community Mentor role: _____________________________
  2. Are you affiliated with an organization? Y/N (if you are not, skip to step 3!)

Organization address, phone and email

Does your organization plan to pay you or give you July 3-8th as time off for CampOUT?

For each workshop/activity you are proposing,  please provide the following:

  1. Title of your proposed workshop/activity
  1. How workshop/activity relates to the theme: 
  2. Summary of intended workshop/activity (approx. 250 words) (Note: if you are submitting a co-facilitated proposal, please know that both facilitators may not be automatically accepted to camp. Please specify if you need to have both facilitators for your workshop/activity, if you can solo-facilitate, or if you are open to working with another partner.)
  3. Workshop Outline
  4. Stream of Programming (Leadership & Allyship, Campy Arts, Wellness, and Outdoorsy/Land based programming)
  5. Preferred date – ie: day 1, 2, 3, or 4 of camp programming (you will be required to be at camp from July 3-8, campers arrive on the 4th which will be day 1 of camp programming. Most workshops for campers take place on day 2 & 3- July 5, 6).
  6. Supplies Needed: Audiovisual or other equipment and materials needed and set-up or equipment/materials required from us. Please be specific so that we are able to purchase the supplies for you before camp. We will be in touch with you to see if you need assistance transporting equipment/supplies to camp.
  7. Length of session and preferred time of day – morning or afternoon) (from 30-90 minutes. We cannot guarantee that we can provide all of the time desired by each workshop)
  8. Workshop/Activity ‘blurb’ for program guide: Please craft a short and enticing camper-centric promotional description for this workshop/activity! See 2018 CampOUT! Program Guide for examples.


Deadline for the proposals is March 15, 2019.  Proposals may be submitted electronically via the document upload at the end of the Community Mentor application. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 604.822.8298 or