Travel Reimbursement

The steps for UBC to reimburse your travel costs are as follows:

  1. To be considered for a travel bursary, please send us an email before May 30th that outlines the following:
    • What are your total travel costs to get to either Horseshoe Bay, YVR, or UBC, and return home?
    • What are you able to financially contribute?
    • What other fundraising or payment avenues have you explored?
  2. We will reply after June 1st to inform you as to the percentage of your costs that CampOUT! will contribute toward your travel expenses.
  3. Once approved, download the 2024 CampOUT Travel Reimbursement Form.
  4. After camp, if we have received the completed form and all original hard copy receipts, UBC CampOUT! will process forms and instruct UBC Finance to issue a cheque and mail it to the specified address and payee. Submitted receipts must arrive 15 days after camp. The UBC cheque can take up to two months to process.

We recognize that it can be tricky to book travel plans without cash or credit. Please connect with family, friends, and service agencies to see if they would be willing to book the travel and pay for it – we will email with them to confirm the travel reimbursement process and information. We are keen to help you connect with folks in your area that may be able to support you this way! Please contact us for support!