2017 Stewardship Event

On February 28th this year, CampOUT! held a community celebration, bringing together the members of our CampOUT! family.

We shared stories and celebrations, over drinks and appetizers, to recognize the stellar folks whose involvement in making a positive impact in the lives of BC’s queer and trans youth is invaluable.

Here are some of the highlights captured from the night!

We would like to thank our friends at Scotiabank and The Lazy Gourmet, for graciously hosting, catering and providing space for us to come together to connect and share!


    Grace Kim (Regional Manager and Senior Marketing Scotiabank) and David Poole  (Past Senior VP Scotiabank BC and Yukon )    Michael Murphy, Mary Bryson (UBC Faculty of Education), Janice Stewart (UBC GRSJ), Blye Frank (UBC Faculty of Education) 
Amil Reddy (Qmunity), Lau Mehes (Transcare BC), Molly Billows (Indigeneyez), Jaye Simpson (Cabin Leader 2015/2016) Blye Frank (UBC Faculty of Education), Jeannie Simpson (UBC School of Policy and Public Health), Rod Knight (UBC Youth Sexual Health Team) 
Janice Stewart (UBC GRSJ), Mary Ann Saunders (UBC Faculty of Education), Anna White (CampOUT! Director), Andrew Wilkins (Scotiabank Manager UBC Branch) Fred Lee (Director Alumni Engagement UBC), Anna White (CampOUT! Director), Kevin Mazzone (The Lazy Gourmet)