A Day at Camp

Take a look at past program guides for more information on the workshops, schedules, and daily activities of CampOUT!

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What happens at CampOUT!?

Day 1: Creating Community – This day is packed with activities to help us get to know each other and the key ideas that will support community building!

  • Meet in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver and load onto water taxis for a beautiful 20 minute ride to Gambier Island
  • After eating a delicious lunch together we all settle into our cabins and get to know our cabin leaders and cabin mates
  • In the afternoon we all gather together to play games, create community agreements, meet the leadership team, and build energy for our time together
  • An Intersectionality & Allyship workshop offers space to learn more about ourselves, each other, and how we can lift one another up
  • End the day with campfire and quiet cabin reflection where we share highlights from the day and sign up for the next day’s activities and workshops

Day 2: Exploring Self & Community – This day is a space to branch out from our cabin groups, engage with the activities that most interest us, and fill our minds and hearts with new skills towards building inclusive communities!

  • Optional morning activities include swimming, meditation or yoga, or a little extra sleep
  • At breakfast we gather as a group and then break out into our chosen activities
  • After lunch and more afternoon activities, we enjoy swimming as well as some free time
  • Evening campfire brings a time for sharing stories and songs

Day 3: Celebrating Self & Community – More free time than the previous days allows to make use of any crafting and activities, as well as time to prepare for the Community Showcase and Dance!

  • More workshops and an incredible and inclusive sexual health Q&A
  • Explore free time with arts and crafts, waterfront activities, games, archery, dress up, etc.
  • Community Showcase & Dance

Day 4: Transforming Communities– After an incredible couple of days together we get to reflect, celebrate, exchange contact info, and figure out how to bring the magic of camp out into the world!

  • Pack up and clean cabins so that we leave everything the way it was found before heading to breakfast
  • Cabin time to connect with cabin mates and large group programming
  • Our last meal together is a hearty lunch
  • Load the boats and head into the world with new friends, allies, and tools for inclusive community building!

Sample Schedule:

7:00 Sleeping in or optional morning activities (yoga, polar bear swim, morning meditation)
9:00 Theme
9:30 STREAMS  (you get to choose between different activities and workshops)
11:30 Waterfront/ Free time
12:30 LUNCH
1:30 Large Group Activity 1
2:30 Break
3:00 Large Group Activity 2
4:00 Showcase/Skit prep/Arts & crafts/Free Time
6:30 STREAMS or large group activity (again…you get to choose between different activities and workshops!)
8:00 Free Time/snack
8:30 Campfire
10:00 Cabin Time
11:00 Lights OUT!