RAIN AWAKENS- Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Rain Awakens, Rain Pierre
CampOUT! Artist Statement

I have chosen the humming bird for this design because it is one of the most unique birds in the animal kingdom. It is unique – just like us walking the path of the 2S people or people that identify with the LGBTQ2S clan. It is the only bird that can fly backwards and retrace it’s journey to decide which direction is best.

The hummingbird is leaning on the hand to show that we are connected with nature and need mother earth in order to walk this life together. We are unique, we are special and we have the power to lift each other up.

The hand reflects our power to hold each other up on our journeys and to push each other to be comfortable being ourselves. I incorporated the pride colours to brighten up the piece in hopes to inspire others to be comfortable with themselves and continue to inspire others to love who they are. https://www.rainawakens.com/