CampOUT! 2022 COVID-19 Safety Information

At CampOUT!, the safety of our campers and leaders has always been a top priority. We are so excited to re-open in-person camp this year, but we are mindful that we are still in a pandemic. We want to make sure that our participants (our campers, leadership & facilitation team, and staff) are safe and comfortable at camp. To ensure this, we’ve outlined safety measures that CampOUT! will take on this page. CampOUT! is subject to COVID-19 and communicable diseases safety protocols outlined by the BC Camping Association and by the Communicable Diseases Prevention Plan of our host Camp Fircom.

COVID-19 at CampOUT!

We are recommending folks to please practice COVID safety in the four weeks leading up to camp. Participants will be asked to take a COVID test in the 24 hours before they check in for CampOUT!

Participants who are having COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result before camp should stay home and not come to camp. Campers or leaders who develop COVID-19 symptoms during CampOUT! may be isolated, or, whenever possible, sent home for further testing. CampOUT! will have a supply of COVID-19 Rapid Tests at camp and available to to send home with attendees.

In order for folks to stay safe and feel comfortable, we will ask participants to wear masks in indoor spaces (ie:  while riding inside on the water taxi, during indoor programming, or when not washing face or brushing teeth in the washrooms). In groups activities where masking may not be possible, such as group meals or sleeping, participants will be separated by cabins groups organized by age. CampOUT! will supply additional N95 and KN94 masks for participants if they need more.

Programming and Facility

CampOUT’s program capacity will be smaller this year than the average year. We are looking to have about 60-70 people on site in total, with approximately 40 campers, staying in reduced capacity cabins to make them more spacious. Whenever possible, we will hold programming outdoors. Cabins will be provided with hand sanitizer for each cabin entry way and sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces as needed.

Participants should perform a daily health check for COVID-19 symptoms in the days before CampOUT!. At CampOUT!, campers and leaders are encouraged to demonstrate good personal health practices, including:

  • Hand hygiene, such as frequent and thorough washing or sanitizing of hands for 20 seconds.
  • Coughing and sneezing into elbows
  • Discarding used napkins immediately
  • Reporting to a member of the leadership team if COVID-19 symptoms develop.


The BC Camping Association states that “vaccines are the most effective way to reduce the risk of COVID-19”. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will require all participants at CampOUT! in 2022 to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including any relevant booster/s available before Camp. All campers and leaders will be asked to provide a copy of their vaccine cards as part of their registration process. For any questions about vaccines and Camp, please contact us.

If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and CampOUT!, please visit our FAQ page and do not hesitate to contact us. For general updates regarding CampOUT! in 2022, visit this page.

Last updated: June, 2022