2021… virtual campy sessions with CampOUT!

The theme for this year’s virtual camp program is Cecuwatul (“tse-tsuw-ah-tul”) a Halkomelem word meaning ‘helping one another/holding each other up! This June & July, through 8 weeks of engaging virtual workshops and activities, queer, trans, and Two-Spirit youth will make new friends, connect with resources, and inspire each other. We will be sharing registration links in May. Pre-registering will help us get in touch with participants earlier about accessibility and tech support needs.

If you are a queer, trans, Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, questioning, or allied youth between the ages of 13-21, we’d like to know  where you are located and what your access needs are so we can plan an variety of inclusive campy online sessions! Please fill out the pre-registration form available  between April 1 and  April 29.

[link coming soon]

Looking forward to a fun virtual campy season of learning and connecting across space and time!

If you’d like to receive an email invitation to register for our virtual camp offerings in June and July 2021, please join our e-newsletter and/or email campout.assistant@ubc.ca