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CampOUT!  is:

Support & Resources
Health & Well-being
Social Change!
Only $25, thanks to the generosity of community partners and donors! 

Travel reimbursements available

CampOUT! is for youth aged 14-21 who identify as queer, trans, two-spirit, intersex, asexual, lesbian, gay, genderqueer, questioning, or as allies to the LGBTQ2S+ community. Some of our campers identify as LGBTQ, some as children of gay parents, or as siblings of LGBTQ individuals, some as Two-Spirit indigenous people. Other campers are interested in learning to be better allies to BC’s queer and trans communities. Some of our campers experience struggle around their identity and/or orientation and others are less conflicted with these issues and are interested in being in a celebratory space that welcomes ALL of who they are.

Our 2017 CampOUT! Theme is Curiousity Launched the Cat – This year we want to create opportunities to nurture curiosity and wonder about ourselves, all living beings, and the systems we exist in! Let’s adjust our focus, get new perspective, discover possibilities, make connections, fuel up for the journey, and celebrate our many differences!  All while learning amazing things from each other and activating knowledge into action – creating space for others to beam at camp and in our home communities!

The application/registration form helps us learn how to cater the programming to the needs, hopes, and excitement of the campers. We accept all interested campers within our capacity, and we have a wait-list if we receive a lot of applications. We’re looking to bring together a diverse group of campers with many differing experiences. All are welcome to apply. If folks have been at CampOUT! before they may be more likely be placed on the wait-list, we highly encourage such folks to consider applying instead for a Cabin Leader position. Contact us if you have questions!

In short, we are:

  • A UBC supported summer camping experience for queer, trans, two-spirit and allied youth aged 14 – 21 from BC and the Yukon
  • A chance to meet new friends, engage in imaginative, critical, and innovative workshops as well as traditional camp activities like canoeing, campfires, and arts and crafts
  • A safe and genuinely inclusive space where youth can develop leadership skills, build self-esteem, inspire each other, foster hope and resilience, and connect with resources to support their health and well-being
  • CampOUT! provides a supportive space for youth to be celebrated for who they are
  • Only $25 with additional travel reimbursements available

Please submit your applications online by March 30th. Contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to chat or email with you. And if you are a parent and would like to speak to another parent whose child has attended CampOUT! please contact us and we will connect you with another parent.